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What are PEO Consulting Services?

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As a business owner, you may get caught up with tedious tasks like payroll, employee benefits, and other administrative responsibilities. However, it’s okay to admit that you have bigger fish to fry. 

Often, small and mid-sized businesses lack the time and manpower to oversee HR operations on their own – which is where PEO consulting services come in. By using PEO consulting services, you can hand off your HR responsibilities to experts and shift your focus back to your business’s core functions. Now, you may think this sounds too good to be true, and we don’t blame you! However, before you let your doubts get the best of you, let us dive deep into PEO consulting services and how they can benefit your business. 

What are PEO Consulting Services?

PEO consulting services help you, the employer, find the best-fit professional employment organization for your business. After evaluating your business’s HR needs, long-term goals, and concrete budget, a PEO consulting service will begin researching and negotiating quotes from top-quality PEO service providers. 

As a business owner, you don’t want to bother spending time researching PEOs and sitting through countless sales pitches to find your match. Instead, you want to dedicate your time and energy to what matters most: growing your business. Luckily, a PEO consulting service will do the work for you and make your decision quicker and easier.

How can PEO Consulting Services Benefit My Business?

Outsourcing a PEO for your HR needs can completely change your business’s growth trajectory. However, sometimes you must jump through hoops to find the right PEO for your business. Using a PEO consulting service to find a PEO eliminates these obstacles and expedites the PEO selection process by providing the following benefits:

Saves you time

Researching PEOs can be a time-consuming process. First, you’ll have to find out which type of PEO you’ll need, and then you’ll have to browse options within that category. 

Working with a PEO consulting service saves you time by doing the groundwork for you.

Using their established PEO service provider network, a PEO consulting service will provide carrier options that best fit your business needs, hassle-free!

Saves you money

While hiring a PEO consulting service will cost money upfront, it will save your business money in the long run. A seasoned PEO consultant can negotiate better prices with PEO service providers, often using their exclusive relationships with carriers to draw up better deals. Cha-ching!

Makes comparison easy

Having options is always great, but when shopping for PEOs, there are sometimes too many options. Receiving quotes from several PEOs can be overwhelming, especially when there are varying pricing structures, easy-to-miss details, and an overall avalanche of information. A PEO consulting service will provide you with multiple quotes at once and help you make informed decisions on only the best of the best PEO options. 

Simplifies paperwork

Unfortunately, PEOs and paperwork go hand in hand. To provide you with an accurate quote, a PEO will require a lot of paperwork from you that shares crucial information about your business, like employees’ salaries, insurance policies, health care requirements, etc. If you’re searching for PEOs on your own, you’ll have to fill out this same information for each PEO candidate. However, when you use a PEO consulting service, you’ll only need to submit this information once. 

Has your best interest in mind

A PEO consulting service has your best interest in mind, but the same can’t always be said for a PEO. When you work with a PEO directly, the organization will try to convince you they’re the right match for your business. For this reason, it’s better to trust a PEO consulting service with your PEO selection process. A PEO consultant will only make decisions based on what’s best for you, as they won’t make any more money choosing one PEO over another. 

Provides expertise

Last but not least, a PEO consulting service can provide you with expertise on the PEO industry. Yes, onboarding a PEO can simplify HR services and improve your employee benefits, but it can also do so much more! From employee training to creating company culture and engagement, a PEO can revitalize your business in ways you could never imagine. By working with a PEO consulting service, you can learn the depths of how a PEO can benefit your business and help you discover what you truly are looking for in a PEO. 

Simplify Your Business with 

At, we make it easier to find the perfect PEO provider for your business. With access to some of the largest PEOs in the country, our agents provide high-performing options that will unlock your business’s true potential. If you’re ready to take your business to new heights, connect with our team today to shop PEO quotes and receive competitive pricing within 24-72 hours!

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