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How to Transition Your Business to a PEO: a Step-By-Step Guide

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< 15 min read

You’ve already laid the groundwork, researched different solutions, and found the ideal PEO for your company. Now, take the next step and ensure a smooth transition to the new PEO service.

This comprehensive toolkit will walk you through every aspect of the move. What does the process entail? How can you make the most of this transformative stage? Unlock invaluable insights and the step-by-step formula to ensure a seamless transition to your new PEO.

Step 1:

Prepare For the PEO Transition

Step 2:

Understand the Client Services Agreement

Step 3:

Establish a Comprehensive PEO Transition Plan

Step 4:

Set Employee Expectations

Step 5:

Execute A Seamless PEO Transition

Step 6:

Keep Records and Documentation

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