Why Go to a PEO for HR?

what to consider

Professional employer organizations, or PEOs, regularly work with business of any size to help manage various administration organizational tasks, including human resource-related functions. In this instance, the PEO helps their clients by supporting their HR employees/team or supplement areas of the department where current gaps exist. This could be anything from updating or revamping the employee handbook or just the policies and procedures, integrating an HR technology platform, or better define the current onboarding/offboarding process, to taking a more streamlined approach to performance management.

Outside of generating revenue, human resources management can be described as the most vital aspect of running your business. Partnering with a PEO gives the business unprecedented access to various resources to help you combat the issues that arise in the field.


Outsourcing HR services, for example, means the employer can rely on dedicated support from a team of HR specialists to help relieve the administrative burden, leaving the employer to focus on revenue-generating tasks. This method is often compared to hiring a team of personal HR administrators. However, the PEO usually wins out due to the bundled cost savings of professionals paired with a full HR technology suite.


Some PEOs will be open to offer consultation for situations such as the hiring/firing of employees, implementing new workplace policies, training implementation, and any matters of compliance that you may come across.


By providing an accurate way for employees to enroll in benefits, manage PTO, view W-2s, and view past and potential pay statements, it will become evident that the business is taking employee wants and needs into consideration. The ability to have access to these key HR processes produced from one seamless software platform will no doubt provide more efficiency to your processes as well as bolster employee retention. Notable PEOs often provide a singular technology to not only reconcile any technology redundancies, but to also provide a better employee experience, overall. Request a software demo from each PEO prospect to preview their current interface and its capabilities to see if it is a fit for your processes.


In today’s age of video-based informative technology, many reliable PEOs have adapted by providing training options through a library of archived educational videos, as well as live and pre-recorded webinars. These resources cover a variety of trending and relevant topics to help keep employers current concerning the constant changes that could directly affect various areas of the business.


A PEOs main functionality is the business of business. This is a reliable approach that many PEOs may take. For instance, consider the option of having a Recruitment Specialist made available to offer insights related directly to hiring, or specific to attracting top talent as well as conducting background checks for the organization. Inquire about these services early in the discovery process when interviewing potential PEO options.


A comprehensive onboarding process is key to ensuring new hires not only have a positive experience, but is also a crucial element in rounding out the entire recruiting/hiring process. Many HR technology platforms are pre-loaded with functionality that incorporates standard best practices specific to onboarding, including the various elements of data that will ne to be collected prior to the employee’s first day. This portion of the technology is often used to mitigate the piles of paperwork required to successfully bring a qualified candidate into the fold of the existing team.


An important feature of any HR technology should be the ability to select the best benefit options to bundle for employees, in addition to managing open enrollment from start to finish. Employers should consider the ability to access necessary benefits enrollment information from the same platform as other HR elements, like performance management. This simple addition will improve the quality of the employee onboarding experience along with their day-to-day self-management.